21-12-2012Purse book from Spain

These are nice purse shaped activity books by Everest from Spain. This books come both in Spanish and Portuguese. Bring the book with you to be fashionable and intelligent!

20-12-2012Cool Notebooks from France

Edgy and cool notebooks from France by Papeteries are here!
How exciting!

20-12-2012Angel Cat Sugar Giveaway/懸賞

Angel Cat Sugarの懸賞が始まりました!5名様にフランスで販売されているノートセットがあたります。

ACS giveaway! 5 lucky winnters will win beautify notebook set.
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19-12-2012Cute Irresistible Socks from Germany

Cute Irresistible Socks from Germany by United Lables.

18-12-2012Merry Christmas!

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!